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Marilyn Standifer Shreve, President, Tailored Interactive Patient Health, LLC

Marilyn Shreve is a clinical pharmacist and a pioneer in using digital, mobile and interactive technologies as powerful tools to engage and motivate patients to take a proactive role in managing their treatment regimens and their medication therapies… resulting in lowering the growth of health care costs and improving patient health outcomes.

While serving for nine years as a member/President of the CA State Board of Pharmacy Regulatory Agency, Marilyn led California’s efforts to become the first state to implement policies and regulations that authorized the electronic transmission of prescriptions from physicians to pharmacies (e-prescribing). The CA e-prescribing policy model was adopted across the United States.

Marilyn fought California’s opioid crisis by championing the development of California’s CURES program that electronically monitors opioid and controlled substance prescription drugs (eTriplicate and eTracking).

Tailored Interactive Patient Health was founded by Marilyn Standifer Shreve who believes that at the heart of our United States healthcare system there must be a relentless effort to improve every American’s health and to sustain their wellness. Treatment and Medication Adherence are essential factors in achieving this goal. TIPHealth uses interactive technology to initiate programs that align financial incentives with improved patient health outcomes by coordinating care management; by engaging patients to take an active role in improving their medication-taking behavior; and, by lowering overall healthcare costs through treatment and medication adherence.

Marilyn’s past roles as Safeway’s Director of Pharmacy for CA, HI and NV and her leadership roles at Merck, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and Genentech provided her the opportunity to lead cross-functional teams focused on Managed Care, Pharmacy Operations, Innovation, Consumer Marketing, Sales, Clinical Outcomes, Health IT, Business Development, Regulatory Affairs and Treatment and Medication Adherence. During her tenure, she established and led patient-centered technology-assisted health care strategies and forward-thinking teams that implemented over thirty inter-institutional studies/initiatives. Using technology these initiatives reached large patient populations across diverse healthcare settings; achieved health care savings and focused on high-risk patients in the cardiovascular, Bipolar disorder, Macular degeneration, gastroenterology, cancer, asthma and hypertension therapeutic areas.

She served on the Board of Overseers for the University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy and is a member of their Clinical Faculty. Marilyn is also a member of the Board of Advisors for the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences. With these universities, she has built numerous strategic partnerships with external organizations focused on engaging patients to achieve the maximum results from their treatment regimens and from their medication therapy—demonstrating the value of tailored messages and personalization in improving treatment adherence, patient health outcomes, and overall healthcare savings.

Marilyn founded and served as editor of HEALTH NOTES, a series of monographs that assisted clinicians in becoming better informed on health topics of importance to consumers. She also developed the “California Health” column for the North American Précis Syndicate—these wellness columns generated approximately 4,000 articles in forty states reaching 243 million readers.

She has served as a member of the State of California’s Telehealth policy committee, the State’s Health Information Exchange Education and Privacy-Security Committees, the Public Employees Hospital and Medical Care Act Legislative Panel, the National Association of State Boards of Pharmacy, the National Smoking Cessation Leadership Initiative, Health Care Reform Technology Advisory Board and the National Health 2.0 Advisory Panel. Marilyn has collaborated in designing and deploying entrepreneurial and sustainable technology-assisted healthcare models that can be powerful healthcare resources to change how treatment and medication adherence are delivered, managed, monitored, measured and rewarded.

Marilyn is leading the efforts through technology to expand patient care beyond the walls of the medical office, pharmacy, hospital and other traditional practice settings.